NATEA History

The North America Taiwanese Engineers' Association (NATEA), a non-profit and tax-deductible professional organization, was founded by a group of engineers and scientists on March 2, 1991 in Silicon Valley, California USA. Since then, NATEA has grown into twelve (12) Regional Chapters and eight Regional Liaisons throughout the U.S. and Canada with more than 2,000 members and 24 corporate sponsors. NATEA headquarters is located in Silicon Valley and its 12 regional chapters are in Silicon Valley, Southern California, Saint Louis, Greater New York City, Ottawa & Toronto, Canada, Greater Chicago Area, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Up New York and North Carolina. NATEA's eight Regional Offices are located in Washington D. C., Phoenix, San Diego, Detroit, Columbus, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Taiwan to promote NATEA activities.

The Association serves its members and their communities in different technical and social gatherings, and periodically holds a variety of annual technological conferences, workshops, seminars that are either independently managed by regional chapters or by collaborating with local mainstream professional organizations like IEEE or IBIO through ten (10) different internal Special Interest Groups (SIGs). All the events are open to the general public. Noticeably, many members serve in leading-edge technical and managerial positions in various business sectors in North America and are founders of some of the most successful companies in the high-tech and its associated industries. In addition, NATEA works with its twelve (12) regional chapters by offering scholarships to needy high school and college students in Silicon Valley and other regional chapter cities across North America.

NATEA Mailing Address

PO Box 2772
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-0772727

NATEA Mission

  • To facilitate technology development, entrepreneurship and job opportunities, and to provide management training opportunity for its members.
  • To serve as bridge between Taiwan.s job opening and US talents, and between Taiwan.s Venture Capitals and US entrepreneurs.
  • To support research and development in Taiwan and thereby enhance Taiwanese technological global positions.
  • To promote the practical applications, of scientific and engineering know-how.
  • To establish relationships between NATEA and other main stream and Asian scientific or engineering organizations.
  • To further the fellowships among NATEA members.
  • To increase the community awareness of the achievement of Taiwanese American engineers and scientists
  • To encourage and provide assistance to Taiwanese American youth to pursue scientific or engineering careers.

NATEA Former Presidents

  • 1991: John Pang Yu, Ph.D. 余金榜
  • 1992: John Pang Yu, Ph.D. 余金榜
  • 1993: Alvin T. Shih, Ph.D. 施天墩
  • 1994: Jerry J. Hsiau 蕭吉源
  • 1995: Ching C. Lai, Ph.D. 賴景宗
  • 1996: Eugene Yeh, Ph.D. 葉俊雄
  • 1997: Yea-Hwang Uang, Ph.D. 汪雅煌
  • 1998: Jhitang Steve Chen, Ph.D. 陳濟棠
  • 1999: Jimmy C. Li, Ph.D. 李正明
  • 2000: James Tu 塗百堅
  • 2001: Julie Chen 游純如
  • 2002~2003: Jimmy C. Li, Ph.D. 李正明
  • 2004~2005: Sheau Chen, Ph.D. 陳曉昇
  • 2006~2007: Tom Chang 張鴻德
  • 2008~2009: Tim Lin 林鼎雄
  • 2010~2011: James Tu 塗百堅